Books That Feel Like Favorite PJs

Don’t you love curling up in your favorite chair?  Maybe with some wine, coffee, or tea to sip on?  Your makeup is washed off and your hair is pulled up.  You’ve slipped into those older well-worn pajamas that feel soft and warm.  AAAAaaaa…..  Time to read!
Every reader has that book that you can read and ‘slip into’ and gives you that warm cozy feeling.  Those novels that make you feel like you’re visiting an old friend again.
For me, it’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Rebecca.  Either of those books can take me back.  I read the first Harry Potter while pregnant with my son.  The magic I was reading about was amplified by the magic happening in my body.  It was relaxing and comfortable and a great read for the doctor’s office waiting rooms.
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I first read Rebecca in high school.  I remember my English teacher saying it was a very ambitious reading pick, and she was impressed I was enjoying it.  I valued her opinion highly, so that warm memory is always connected to that novel.
What books make you feel cozy? Drop a comment and let me know!
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