Let’s Talk About The Sexist Overtones In Pride & Prejudice

Certainly one of the most loved novels of all time, Pride & Prejudice has a passionate following.
So, I know this is a risky subject, but my questions for the die-hard fans is: don’t you think this book is sexist?
I’m sure at the time it was written the themes of this story were read as romantic, but looking at it with “today glasses”  you can see where my question is coming from.
I’ve read a summary of this book that was as simple as this: Girls aren’t married, so girls are unhappy.  Girls get married.  Girls are now happy.

So why do we still revere a story that implies marriage is the only way to happiness for females?
Don’t get me wrong – the story is a classic and I love listening to the audio version read by Rosamund Pike – but maybe a larger discussion about portrayals of female characters in classic literature is needed, before yet another Pride & Prejudice reboot/re-imagining/re-do is green-lit.
What are your thoughts?


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