It’s Better To Write Than To Be A Writer

Which scares you more? Writer’s block, or never achieving success as a writer?
I know – they both “feel” awful.
It’s like asking would you rather eat a live squid or lie in a cage of cobras.  (I would never ask you to do either, just for the record.)
Writer’s block, in my opinion, is nothing to fear.  There are resources and prompts out there to get you in the groove.  Your muse will always show up if you meet her halfway!
But that other thing…..
Authors who fear not been seen as “a writer”.  That can be scary business for some of us.
I see so many writers in my Facebook and LinkedIn feed that ask questions like: “How do you know if you’re a writer?”  and “What do I need to do to become an author?”
Again, my two cents is – this is nothing to fear.
Just write.

Calling yourself a writer is nothing but semantics, really.  

Runners run.
Image result for runners
Painters paint.
Image result for painters
Dancers dance.
Image result for dancers
Am I right?  Of course I am – I would never lie to you!
If you want to be a writer, then JUST WRITE.  That’s all there is to it.
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No magic.  No formula.   Just you and your thoughts – that’s all you need.


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