Do You Read Books Based On Other People’s Recommendations?

So, Oprah has made her next book club selection and, naturally, it looks like a fascinating read.
The Sun Does Shine: How I Fount Life And Freedom On Death Row by Anthony Ray Hinton tells his story of spending nearly 30 years on death row for crimes he did not commit until being released in 2015.
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This isn’t the normal type of book that I would read, however, based on the publicity from Oprah I’m tempted to pick it up and give it a try.
So, my question to you is:  do you pick up and read books based on recommendations?
I know I have those friends that have similar reading styles and say “Hey, I think you’d enjoy __________ by _______.  I’ll loan it to you when I’m finished” and I trust those opinions.
But when it comes to recommendations of books outside your comfort zone by celebrities, do you read them?  Has it worked for you?
Answer in the comments and let’s talk about it!


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