What To Read When You’re Sad

Do you have a favorite book you always turn to when you’re sad?

What do you re-read when things aren’t going your way?

After a breakup and you’re feeling lonely, what best friends do you want to read about and spend time with?

For me, it’s the entire Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

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Of course, the writing is so amazing.  The prose flows beautifully, the descriptions are exciting and vivid, and it’s so easy to be swept away in the story.

The characters are so well written that they make me feel less lonely and like I’m part of their world.  The adventure plot helps me forget whatever I’m going through.  Even after reading all the books and seeing all the movies, I can still be pulled into this world and feel comforted.

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So, if you’re sad, lonely, upset, or just need a book to cuddle with until you feel better…..I recommend heading to Hogwarts.

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