Agent Spotlight: Caitlen Rubino Bradway of LKG Agency

Caitlen joined the LKG Agency in 2008, thereby disproving the theory that no English major ever does anything with their degree.  Before that she was getting her Masters in English and Publishing from Rosemont College. She is now actively looking to build her own list, which includes (after a surprisingly minimal amount of begging and pleading on my part), securing Lauren’s (Lauren Galit) agreement to open the agency to considering middle grade and young adult fiction.

In her spare time, she is an author in her own right (or is that write?).  Her first book, Lady Vernon and Her Daughter, which she co-wrote with my mother, was released by Crown in 2009.  She also contributed to Jane Austen Made Me Do It, published by Ballantine in 2011.  Her first middle grade novel, Ordinary Magic, was published by Bloomsbury Children’s in 2012.

She is seeking: “I personally am looking for middle grade and young adult fiction. In teen novels, Sci-fi/fantasy is my sweet spot, but I’m open to anything as long as it doesn’t have zombies. (For a more detailed description of what I’m looking for, you can check out my blog post at our website.)”

“Also, the LKG Agency [which has one other agent] is always on the lookout for nonfiction, both practical and narrative. We specialize in women’s focused how-to, such as parenting, lifestyle, health & nutrition, and beauty, but we are open to a lot of nonfiction genres. (For a full list you can check out the submission guidelines on our website.)”

How to contact: “We are looking for email queries only. Nonfiction queries should be sent to; we ask that you please mention any publicity you have at your disposal in your query letter. For middle grade and YA queries, email

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