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Query Letter Examination

In-depth review of your query letter for any grammar or other issues.

This is the ultimate representation of your writing to publishers and agents – it’s imperative to make it as clear, concise, and sharp as it can possibly be.


First Page First-Aid

In-depth review of the first page of your novel for any grammar or other issues.

Many publishers and agents only ask for a first page of your manuscript, so nailing the first page is essential.


Author Bio Blurb

If you have trouble talking about yourself, or simply don’t know what to say for your “author’s bio”, I will form a creative biography for you.


Back Cover Copy

The namesake of my company.  It’s what I love to do.

Writing a summary of your novel may seem like telling someone all about your child in 30 seconds.  Seems nearly impossible.

However, I can draft a fantastic “back cover copy” for your manuscript. You can then use this copy on your website, your social media posts, and of course, the back cover.


Back Cover Copy AND Author Bio Blurb

Combine the two services above and I’ll prepare both your summary and your bio in one package.


Query Letter Synopsis

Query letters require a longer summary of your story – anywhere from 3 paragraphs to 2 pages – I can help create the entire summary of your book that helps sell your manuscript to agents.


First Chapter First-Aid

If a query or agent has requested the first chapter of your book, I will prepare an extensive review of it before you send it off.  I can help you perfect your prose by giving you basic grammar edits as well as any story flaws, consistency issues, and “hook” problems.


One-hour Skype call to prep for Agent Meeting

If you have a meeting with an agent to pitch your book, I will help you prepare your statement and get rid of those nerves.  We will work for a whole hour to perfect your pitch and get you ready!


Big Bad Beta Review

Just like the first chapter review, I will beta read your manuscript and prepare an extensive review of it before you send it off.

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