Do You Suffer from FOTSD? (Fear of Trying Something Different?)

I’ve come to accept there are some things that I can’t wear.   As a size 14/16, dressing myself has always been a bit of a challenge.  For example, after having my baby in 2014 everything I try on that has an empire waist feels very comfortable, but makes me look like I am still pregnant!  However, I didn’t stop trying and one day I found a dress with an empire waist and large blue flowers that looked beautiful on me, so I purchased it!
We fall into a trap of thinking “I can’t wear empire waist clothes” or “I can’t wear stripes” or whatever the style excuse may be.  I was guilty of falling into the rut of wearing the same type of clothes and calling it “my style”.  Sometimes it just takes the right piece to show us how wrong we can be.  Don’t be afraid to try on a piece of clothing you fancy just because it has one trait you think doesn’t work for you.  Not only does style evolve, but YOUR style can evolve!  And if you’re like me, you like to have a different style to wear once in a while!
The other side of the coin is you must be realistic and reasonable about what you wear.  Just because I can squeeze into size 12 jeans doesn’t mean they look good once they’re on me!  And most floral prints that are smaller make me look bigger – I know this, but now I take time to try on those pieces I like just in case it flatters me and I can pull it off!  Who knows – it might even make me look gorgeous!
So what’s my helpful hint for getting out of the same-style rut?? Well, shopping for clothes is always better when practiced as a group sport, right??  When you bring along some friends who will be honest with you, rely on their judgment!  We are always our own worst critic, so when at the mall with a friend and she hands you something and says “This would look good on you”, you should try it – even if it doesn’t seem to be in your comfort zone.  Feel free to use your friends as mirrors because they can see more of you than you can, and I don’t know one female out there who won’t offer an opinion on what you’re wearing!  Just don’t forget to do the same for her (with polite honesty, of course)!
If I didn’t fall in love with that dress with big blue flowers, I wouldn’t have come to the realization that we pigeonhole our style and often don’t try things that we consider “off limits”.   Fight the fear!  Be daring! That color you don’t really like might make your eyes pop!  That maxi dress might be perfect for your date!  Always be open to try something new when shopping.
Have a story about trying something new?  Please feel free to share in the comments!


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