REVIEW: Summerset Abbey by T.J. Brown

I read this book because something in my life was missing.
Downton Abbey has been off the air for almost a year, and I’m having some terrible withdraws.  The English-borne drama was a staple in my house every spring, and knowing that it’s not coming back this year has put me in mourning.
To counteract these feelings, I picked up Summerset Abbey to fill the void.  It’s about two sisters in Edwardian-era England who move in with their Aunt and Uncle when their father passes away.  There are charming men who flirt with the girls, and family intrigue as they find out who they really are in the age of the decline of peerage.
While it still had the setting, charm, and feel of the TV show, it lacked the terrific storytelling that made the show so popular here in the States. I very much wanted deeper characters and more conflict from this book.  I know nothing will match the magic of Downton Abbey, but I was hopeful.
This is a very charming read, especially if you like historical fiction, however don’t expect a “Mr. Bates” to melt you with his smile, or to find a “Thomas” you absolutely love to hate.
Final judgment:  This is the beginning of a trilogy of books, but I probably won’t pick up the other two any time soon.  I don’t care enough about the characters to find out how the trilogy ends.


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