Encouraging The Muse

Art is when craft is taken to the next level.

And I believe all artists eventually ask themselves:  How do I create?   Instead of taking your writing talent for granted as an inherent trait, consider where it comes from at the source and how to best empower it!

Here’s an exercise you can do to focus your creative workflow –

Pull out your journal or notebook and honestly answer the following questions regarding your writing life:

1. Are you driven by the process itself or the ultimate result?
2. Do you focus on details or prefer the big picture?
3. What’s your pathological need as a writer?
4. Have you opened yourself up to change?
5. How do you sabotage yourself creatively?
6. How courageous are you?

Remember:  Successful writers observe the practices of those they admire and employ what they learn to refine their own:  polishing the positive, admitting where they are weak and working to improve.

Always work to better yourself and achieve more!

You can do it – I believe in you!


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