Better Late Than Never!

If you are still struggling to find an agent, or for your short story to appear in a literary journal, worry not.

There is no time limit on achieving your writerly dreams.

After all, dozens of famous writers didn’t “make it” until their 30s, 40s, 50s and, in some cases, even later than that!!

For your inspiration, I’ve listed 14 authors don’t fall into the “20-something prodigy” category.

So take your time, revise that draft and write, write, write.

1. Toni Morrison wrote her first novel at 39.
2. Millard Kaufman published his first novel at the age of 90.
3. Helen DeWitt published ‘The Last Sumarai’ at 41.
4. Bram Stoker didn’t write ‘Dracula’ until he was 50.
5. Richard Adams wasn’t published until his 50s.
6. Anthony Burgess published his first novel at 39.
7. Laura Ingalls Wilder was in her mid-60s when she published ‘Little House in the Big Woods.’
8. William S. Burroughs published his first novel at 39.
9. Raymond Chandler published ‘The Big Sleep’ at 51.
10. George Eliot didn’t publish ‘Middlemarch’ until she was 52.
11. Charles Bukowski published his first novel at 51.
12. Anna Sewell published ‘Black Beauty’ during the last months of her life.
13. Rev. Wilbert Awdry developed ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ from bedtime stories for his children.
14. The Marquis De Sade wrote his first book in prison, at the age of 42.

Don’t give up.  Never.

There is a whole community around you willing to help you achieve your goals no matter your age!


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