If you’re considering self-publishing, it can seem like the options are endless and the information is mountainous.  Amazon makes things simple and many authors prefer to publish through Amazon because it’s quick and easy to do.

Amazon’s self publishing services can help you reach millions of readers worldwide and YOU keep control of your work.

We’re going to look at three ways you can self-publish on Amazon’s platform below.  For your print book we’ll look at CreateSpace, for your digital book we’ll look into Kindle Direct Publishing and you can even create an audiobook with ACX.

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Publish to Kindle (for eBooks)
Kindle lets you publish your book for free and reach millions of readers in the US, UK, Germany, and many other countries.  It even lets you publish in other languages!   You can upload your book in 2 minutes and have your book available to readers in just 2 days.   Your royalties on Kindle sales are up to 70%.  Get started with Kindle

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Publish With CreateSpace (for printed books)
With CreateSpace, you can generate, publish and distribute your book in print worldwide.  There are free tools to build and publish your book, or you can use the professional publishing services.  You can reach readers worldwide by selling your book on Amazon.com as well as Amazon’s European websites. Your royalties with CreateSpace are up to 80%. Get started with CreateSpace

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Publish to ACX (for audiobooks)
The Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) has everything you need to create a professional audiobook.  You can distribute your audiobook through Audible.com, Amazon.com, and iTunes.  Once you post your book to ACX, you get access to studio professionals and book narrators to bring your story to life.  Royalties can be higher – based on exclusive or non-exclusive distribution.  Get started with ACX

I hope this gave you some ideas for your next self-published masterpiece.  If you’ve used any of these services, we would love to know the details of your experience! Comment below!

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