What’s a good hero without a trusty sidekick?

From the open road to deserted islands to Middle Earth, friendships inevitably form.  Of course, most of the time, the plot’s weight shifts primarily on one character.  This leaves the other to fill in the gaps, complementing the temperament and abilities of the hero — and maybe adding a laugh or two here and there.

Here are my top sidekicks in literature based on loyalty, friendship, and overall awesomeness.   Click on the title of the book to purchase!

Dr. Watson – sidekick to Sherlock Holmes, from the Sherlock Holmes series

Samwise Gamgee – sidekick to Frodo, from Lord of the Rings

Ron & Hermione – sidekick to Harry Potter, from the Harry Potter series

Huckleberry Finn – sidekick to Tom Sawyer, from The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

Friday – sidekick to Robinson Crusoe, from Robinson Crusoe


Let us know who I missed!

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