Non-Fiction: The Useful Idiot – How Donald Trump Killed the Republican Party with Racism and the Rest of Us with Coronavirus by S.V. Dáte

The premise of this book is as straightforward as it is scary: that a whole host of people (Republican leaders, conservative Christians, Putin, Wikileaks, etc) knew that Trump was not capable of being a good leader. Yet they supported and enabled him because they felt that Trump would be useful in them getting what they wanted. Hence the title “Useful Idiot”.

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Back Cover Copy of The Useful Idiot:

A pandemic never occurred to them.

The idea that Donald Trump would ever be required to sit still, pay attention and make rational decisions that would determine whether hundreds of thousands of Americans would live or die not once crossed the minds of those who put him into the Oval Office.

For whatever reason, even as they watched the noise and chaos and nonsense generated by candidate Donald Trump for a full year and a half, the consequences of a real crisis requiring real leadership actually happening on the watch of a President Donald Trump never really dawned on them.

Three and a half years later, here we are. Approaching 200,000 dead Americans and counting, with a president who grew bored of the crisis months ago. This after the racial and ethnic divisions Trump has enflamed, the endless, wearying lying about things great and small, the pointless chaos, the open abuse of his office to funnel millions into his own pockets and to extort a foreign leader into helping his reelection.

If Trump is given another four years, what might his behavior be like, completely unburdened of the need to face the voters ever again? And do Americans really want to find out?


About S.V. Dáte:

S.V. Dáte is a senior White House correspondent at HuffPost. His new work, The Useful Idiot, captures Trump’s failed management of the coronavirus pandemic and his corruption of the Republican Party. It is scheduled for release on Sept. 8.

Dáte is the author of five novels and two political biographies, including one of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. He has been a journalist for three decades, including at the Associated Press, the Palm Beach Post, National Journal and NPR. He is a blue water sailor, tallying 15,000 ocean miles aboard a 44-foot cutter with his two sons, as they sailed across the Atlantic, through the Mediterranean and back via the Caribbean.

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