Fiction Book Review: Ferguson by Carl Johansen

I received this book from NetGalley for a review.

The book’s first half was mostly dominated by the main character, Dennis Ferguson, reading philosophy in his local park.  It didn’t seem like this trait enriched the character or forwarded the plot, so I’m unsure why Dennis pulled us into his reading so much.  While based on our current political climate, the second half of the book took so many liberties that it veered into a dystopian-like setting.  While reading about Dennis’ descent into madness at the state of his world without his wife and new-found friends, I found it difficult to reconcile the older widower at the beginning of the book, with the odd character at the end.

It may be that I didn’t understand the book very well, but overall I did not like it.

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Back Cover Copy of Ferguson:

There are times when you need to take justice into your own hands.

Retiring salesman and widower Dennis Ferguson is struggling to adjust to a post-truth US. When his immigrant friends start to disappear without a trace, he soon suspects the police. Dennis is now faced with a choice: To stand down, or to stand up — all guns blazing.

Ferguson is a novel about personal choice, losing your freedom, and what happens to the moral fabric of a society when elected leaders only care for themselves. It is set in the Midwest in a time resembling our own, but its message is timeless.

About Carl Johansen:

Carl Johansen is a Norwegian novelist, short story writer and poet.  He has published four works of fiction, written drama for TV, and had his work featured in several anthologies.  His stories and poems have been translated to Chinese, Polish and Latvian, and are featured in high school textbooks.  He is also an elected representative for The Green Party.

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