REVIEW: Coming Clean By Beth Uznis Johnson

Coming Clean was an interesting read, and I’m glad I was able to obtain an advanced copy through NetGalley. The story was very original and the prose was easy to read. At times, the writing was difficult to understand and follow, but that may have been the fault of the eBook settings from my download. The story had a good flow and you grew to care about the characters and what they were going through.

My favorite thing was discovering the meaning of the title, which you will only understand at the end of the novel. Dawn comes clean and the resolution of her story gives you a happy sense of conclusion for her.

Overall, I liked this book, and would recommend it.

Back Cover Copy of Coming Clean

Dawn, a self-employed cleaning lady in upstate New York, agrees to pose in the houses she cleans for her friend Matthew’ s provocative photography project. Over the course of one week, she and Matthew scour the contents of each home to find inspiration but what she uncovers instead is an unexpected connection to the people who live there: from the insecure Bridget Riley, and the recent immigrant Wei Chen, to the pretentious Robert McIntyre. But it’ s the troubled housewife, Barb Turner, and the chaos of her life that finally force Dawn to confront her darkest secret about the death of her fianc√© . Coming Clean is a novel of forgiveness, family, and fresh starts.

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