Review: Penelope In Retrograde by Brooke Abrams

Penelope In Retrograde is a book every writer will hate, because at some point in reading this story they will blurt out, “Man, why can’t I write this well??”  At least, I did.

Both full of humor and full of heart, this book examines familial relationships that go wrong when everything should go right – an honest reality in most families. With characters you will love, like Penelope’s ex-husband, her twin sister who has always been the perfect angel of the family, her father’s coworker her parents invited to Thanksgiving and ends up playing fake boyfriend for Penelope, and a weed growin granny who is as smart as she is spunky, the story moves at a quick pace and you stay invested the entire time.

You will see a little bit of Penelope in you as you read….which I highly recommend you do.

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Back Cover Copy of Penelope In Retrograde:

Romance writer Penelope Banks can write the perfect love story, but when it comes to family, all she’s got is a rough draft. Penny shelved the idea of fitting in with her high-achieving family years ago, but when her new business venture—a romance bookstore—is at risk of closing before its doors have opened, she’s forced to ask for help from the one place she never expected. Home.

Penny’s prepared for the usual Thanksgiving lineup: her perfect sister, meddling nana, matchmaking mother, and workaholic father. The guest she didn’t anticipate? Her ex-husband, Smith. After an awkward rideshare with Smith leaves Penny questioning why the romance in her life exists only in her novels, Penny adds some fiction to reality and turns her father’s colleague into the perfect fake boyfriend.

With only four days to mend damaged relationships, and her bookstore’s future at stake, all the stars must align for Penny to finally write a happily ever after for herself and her family.

About Brooke Abrams:

Brooke Abrams (she/her) lives in the Sonoran Desert with her husband, three kids, three dogs, cat, and a small army of houseplants.

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