It's Going To Be Fine

I just finished the Writers Digest interview with Liane Moriarty.
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I have never read any of her books, however, the interview made me want to dig in and read the best-selling author’s craft for myself.  If her books are as interesting as she seems to be, then it’s no wonder she’s internationally loved by book clubs and avid readers.

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Moriarty’s Newest Novel

Image result for liane moriarty books big little lies

This novel is being turned into an HBO miniseries

In my current writing, I’m struggling with putting the plot together.  I don’t know how I will fill pages and pages with plot points between the mystery and the ending.  However, one thing that struck me in Ms. Moriarty’s interview is that she also writes her novels without planning too far ahead.  Her approach is similar to mine!
I no longer need to panic that my writing is going nowhere.  The plot points to my ending will come to me.  I just need to keep writing.
Most writers give up.  I can see why, it’s really difficult.  I can’t help but wonder how many great novels and untold stories we will not get to see because the authors got discouraged with their work.
The secret, I think, is to just keep writing.  Don’t stop writing.
It’s going to be fine.


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