What Are You Reading??

I had recently picked up a book that had been on my “To Read” shelf for several months. Last year, I did a reading challenge and this was one of the books that made my shortlist, but wasn’t picked.  Boy, was that a mistake on my part! I honestly haven’t been able to put it down.  (If you know then ending, don’t tell me – I’m not done yet!)
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Ian McEwan’s Amsterdam is an amazing story.  It won the 1998 Booker Prize and was well-received by literary critics.  I find McEwan’s prose is extremely beautiful and so easy to read.  He’s the kind of author that makes you say, “CRAP! I WISH I COULD WRITE LIKE THAT!” which is probably the highest compliment you can bestow upon an author.
I have since purchased more of his work and I cannot wait to dig into those stories also!
So tell me – what are you reading?  Would you recommend it?  Why or why not?
Also, check out Ian McEwan’s website for more information about him and his body of work – Ian McEwan


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