Dear Time, Please stop for a minute. Thanks, Amanda

Does anyone else run out of time on a consistent basis?  Between all the books I want to read and all the ideas I want to write and my toddler and teaching Sunday School and a full-time job……I do not have enough minutes in my day to get it all done.
I try my best to crush everything into every day, and I barely make it work.  Sometimes I let laundry pile up just because my son wants to sit with me and watch Curious George.  Sometimes I stay up too late writing on my novel, fully knowing I will regret that decision when the alarm goes off in the morning.  If the dishes don’t get done, then I guess my kitchen will stink like garlic for another few hours!
Trading one activity for another doesn’t make me a bad mother, a bad employee, a bad wife, or a bad person.  It simply means I’m human – and as I grow older time seems to go faster.  Time takes minutes from my life faster than it gives them these days!
Life be like……66776479
Does anyone else feel this way?  Advice for a balanced life?  Please comment below!


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