How I Learned To Read Outside My Comfort Zone….and you can, too!

Last year, I did a 12-Book Reading Challenge and I was darned if I was going to let the box that said “Read a book recommended by a spouse/friend/coworker” go unchecked.  Even though I do not usually take recommendations for what I read.  I know what I like and I read it.
However, to fulfill my challenge list, my hubby recommended Frankenstein.  Ugh.  I vaguely knew the story, but had never actually read the book.  I was not at all excited about reading it, but to try to get into the mood to read it, I waited until October to crack the spine.  But I quickly found out it wasn’t scary.   Not at all.  I read the whole thing waiting to get scared, or frightened, or nervous, or anything….but no.  I was bored for 315 pages.  To this day I cannot recall an interesting scene from this book.
I’m glad I finished the book and checked it off my Reading Challenge List, though.  I can now say I’ve read that classic.  I can now say I’ve read something my husband recommended.  I can now speak intelligently about how the monster wasn’t named Frankenstein (did you know that??).   I wasn’t excused from learning something or growing as a reader just because I didn’t enjoy the book.
After this incident, I realized that as readers we need to do to these two things more often:

  1.  Slide to another genre in the library that you never visit and pick something that looks interesting – say you like chick-lit, how about reading a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt!
  2.  Ask someone to recommend a book then read it – if your husband likes mysteries borrow his favorite story from his side of the book shelf!

Will it always work out fantastically, uhm… no!  Will you potentially find a new author, genre, or friend – maybe!
If you’d like a Reading Challenge, it’s not too late in 2017 to start – here is a list:


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