Grimm's Fairy Tales Are Actually Really SCARY! DID YOU KNOW THIS????

So recently I was asked to write a couple scripts for Radio Heyday.  (If you like old timey radio shows, definitely check it out a.k.a click that link!)  They are doing a series of children’s’ stories and I was asked to write scrips for The Adventures Of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Hansel & Gretel.  Simple enough, right?  The Billy Goats Gruff was one of my favorite stories as a child, so that script was written pretty quickly.
Then it was time to work on Hansel and Gretel.  I remembered the basics from my childhood story times, but had forgotten many details, so I decided to re-read the story before working on the script.  Good idea right?
A quick read of the original Grimm’s story and I was heartbroken.  Devastated.
Did you know the children had a step-mother? The father wasn’t just a widower!
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Did you know she wanted the children dead and convinced the father to leave them in the woods for the wolves?   SAY WHAT?
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Did you know Gretel was forced to cook food and bring it to her caged brother to fatten him up?  HUH!?!?
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Then at the Springfield Writer’s Guild meeting this month, we read a re-telling of the Little Red Riding Hood story.  Did you know the original story was a warning to girls about protecting their virginity?  Remember Little Red “wandered farther and farther off the path”?   Seriously?  I never got that when I was reading it as a child!  WHAT CHILD WOULD!??!
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Let me know if you already knew how dark these stories really where.  I promise my son will only be hearing the happy kid-friendly sanitized version of these stories.  And if you’ve never read the real versions, here’s your spoiler alert:  they still turn out OK.
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