Why I Read The Frog & Toad Stories To My Kid

Let’s face it, moms have no time.  I work a full-time job, raise my toddler, take care of housework, try to keep up with my copywriting course homework, and maybe end the day reading a couple pages of a book.   That’s a full day every day!
But every day, I try to carve out some time to read to my son.  It’s usually after bath time and before bedtime, so I can make him sit still and fall asleep.  Everyone knows reading to your kids benefit them in so may ways – vocabulary, mental stimulation, imagination, etc.
However, the classic Frog & Toad series of children’s stories by Arnold Lobel are full of lessons that my 2 year old is picking up on.  Friendship, kindness, and problem solving all take place in these kid-friendly stories.
He now asks for these stories and can pick his favorite ones in our big collection book.  He can tell me what’s going to happen before it happens in the story, and he can communicate how he feels when thing happen in the stories.
It makes this momma happy to spend a few minutes having a (sorta kinda) mature conversation about helping your friends rake their leaves with my son who expresses that “helping is good.”
No matter what you read to your kids, go ahead and talk to them about it and see what they have to say.
And if you’re tired of the same old books, then give Frog & Toad a try.
Comment below with when and what you read to your kids.  Do you have a reading ritual in your house?


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