REVIEW: Magpie Murders – It's Magnificent (NO SPOILERS)

Yes, yes, ok, I know the title of this review should be clever and engaging and not simply outright tell you what I thought of the book…. but forget that.  It’s simply amazing and you must read it.
If you’re a fan of the murder mystery, you will love it.  There are 3 (THREE!) murders in this book and I had no clue who did any of the killing.  It was so well written that I didn’t even come up with a guess!!
The story-within-a-story is so well done and the characters are as complex and nested as the plot.   Calling to mind Agatha Christie in her prime, Horowitz completely deserves the accolades this novel has brought him.  You may not recognize the author, but after reading this one, you’ll be looking forward to his next one.
I could make this review a lot longer, but I promised no spoilers.  So, even if you don’t like the murder mystery genre, read this book anyway.

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