Synopsis v. Blurb v. Summary

When it comes to shortening the gist of your novel for submission, what do you need and when?

You’ve heard of a synopsis.

You’ve read a blurb or two.

And a summary seems simple to define.

Here’s my quick take on the subject:

A blurb is the small paragraph on the back of a book that intrigues a reader to read the whole book.  There are plot points that are not included in the blurb, so the reader experiences the story for themselves.

A synopsis is a longer summary of your work.  These often go in a query letter or submission email to an agent and usually include all plot points of your manuscript so the agent gets the full view of the story you’ve written.

Guess who loves writing blurbs?


If you didn’t notice, I named my company BACK COVER COPY COMPANY because that copy gets readers interested in books.

Some women are experts on wine and can tell you what type of cigar the wine maker smoked while stomping grapes in Italy…..  I am a connoisseur of book blurbs.  I can tell you who had one professionally written for their novel, and who didn’t.

If you need a blurb, or want help drafting out a synopsis for your query letter, don’t hesitate to write to me.

We can craft something that will get EVERYONE reading your book!


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