Who Is Your Competition?

So, you’re writing a novel that’s going to be a bestseller.

NYTimes #1.

The next To Kill A Mockingbird.

So you start talking about it, and asking for beta readers, and and querying agents, and then you notice that another writer is getting more Likes and Comments on their writerly posts.

The green  monster of envy shows up and impostor syndrome takes a seat at the table.

I’ve been there.

The best advice about being a writer came from an agent I met at a writers’ guild function.  She said, “When the ocean rises, it rises for all of us.”   That means, when the market is good, then everyone in the literary world benefits.

There’s absolutely no need to see any other writer as your competition. 

They are your friends, your critique group, your peers, and maybe your novel’s target audience!

Reach out and support your author friends.  Because, I promise, they will be there for you also.



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