I was clicking through today’s headlines, trying not to be too bummed out about them, when I saw some news that made me smile.

Roxane Gay, one of my favorite authors, had edited this year’s Best American Short Stories collection and her introduction had been published on Literary Hub!

It was an amazing read about the political climate we find ourselves in and how reading and writing helps her deal with “the real world”.   Her quote here is simply amazing;

In times of great personal or public upheaval, I turn to reading. I turn to fiction and how writers imagine the world as it is, was, or could be. I am not avoiding reality when I read fiction; I am strengthening my ability to cope with reality. I am allowing myself a much-needed buffer, a place of stillness and quiet. I read fiction to step away from the cacophony of the news and social media and the opinions of others. The reprieve fiction provides is a necessary grace.
(Read the whole Introduction here: https://lithub.com/roxane-gay-what-does-a-political-story-look-like-in-2018/)

It doesn’t matter if you’re blue or red, as long as you keep reading and putting knowledge in your brain.

Go out today and make the world a better place, so maybe the headlines tomorrow aren’t so scary.


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