Power To The Self-Published!

Did you know, ten years ago print books accounted for more than 99.5% of all book sales?  It was a time when self-published authors were shut out of bookstore distribution.

But then, between 2007 and 2010, the seeds of the indie ebook revolution were planted.  When Amazon, Sony, Barnes & Noble and iBooks opened their e-bookstores to self-published ebook authors – things started to change!  Indie ebooks started selling.  Indies then started hitting the bestseller lists!

In the early days of the ebook market boom, the rules for marketing weren’t yet written.  Everyone was a clueless newbie – large publishers included.   For the first time ever, the playing field wasn’t just level, it was tilted to the indie ebook author’s advantage.  Unburdened by centuries of publishing dogma, these scrappy indies rolled up their proverbial sleeves, got creative, and make some new rules!

With unbridled experimentation, these newly fledged self-publishers suffered their fair share of mistakes.  However, during that process, they also stumbled upon and pioneered many of today’s most effective ebook marketing techniques.

Today, indie authors are among the most sophisticated ebook marketers. Large publishers continue to look to the indies for marketing inspiration.

If you choose to self-publish don’t let anyone tell you you’re “less than” or “not a real author”.    Tearing down other writers doesn’t make you a better one!  If you write, you’re a writer.  If you author something, then you’re an author.  (Just like if you paint, you’re a painter!)

I’m here to help you reach your writing goals.  If you need help getting your manuscript to agents or you need someone objective to beta read your manuscript, I’m happy to assist!


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