Book Review: Hope Never Dies by Andrew Shaffer

In this mystery novel, Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama reunite for suspense, intrigue, and pretty good jokes.  This isn’t heavy reading and it’s perfect if you’re depressed by the current political climate in America.

When VP Biden’s favorite railroad conductor dies in a suspicious accident, “Amtrak Joe” re-teams with the only man he’s ever fully trusted—the 44th president of the United States. Together they’ll plumb the darkest corners of Delaware, traveling from cheap motels to biker bars and beyond, as they uncover the sinister forces advancing America’s opioid epidemic.

The mystery was grabbing and the writing was fantastic.  I cannot wait for a sequel (Please, Mr. Shaffer?)!  You can say it’s weird, you can say it’s fanfic,  you can say what you want – but I loved it!



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