If procrastination was an Olympic sport, my neck would break from all the gold metals I would have!  I can come up with an excuse to put something off faster than Usain Bolt can run 100 meters.

In an recent essay by writer Tommy Schnurmacher, he found a very interesting way to stay motivated:

I gave my friend, Francine, a large brown envelope. Inside was a smaller envelope addressed to an of office in downtown Washington D.C. The small stamped envelope contained a check for $100.

I would have to email my daily writing output to Francine every weekday by 5 pm at the latest. If I ever failed to do so, she had strict instructions to immediately pop the small envelope into a mailbox.

The check inside is made out to “Campaign to Re-Elect Donald Trump.”

So far it works like a charm. I have not missed a single day.


So, I probably don’t need to go that far, but it definitely helps to know that all writers deal with it and maybe I can come up with my own creative way to hit my word count.


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