Just Put It Down Already!

I really hate to do it, but I broke one of my own reading rules this week. I stopped reading a book before I was finished.

I won’t slam the author or tell you it’s a bad book….I don’t believe in being ugly like that. However, I just found the writing too “journalistic” and the story was lacking in action. I was around 75 pages in when I decided this wasn’t what I wanted to read right now.

It was a tough choice. I always try to finish what I start – in EVERYTHING! Especially books! I hate putting a book back on my “to be read” list.

Sometimes, however, this is the best decision. Put down the book that isn’t gripping you, and find something you can’t put down at all! Don’t let one book deter your reading goals or discourage you from reading more from that genre.

And I will probably go back to that book someday. I’ll pick it up and start from the beginning again – and finish this time.

When do you stop reading a book that you don’t like? Or one that you just aren’t getting into?

How do you determine when to stop reading and find another book?

Let me know in the comments below!


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