Book Review: Bitter Bitch by Maria Sveland

Our main character, Sarah, has just turned 30 and it hits her that she’s become a “bitter bitch”. So thrown by this revelation, she takes off for a week without her husband or 2-year-old son for some introspection and decompression.

What makes her want to run away and spend a week relaxing a sleeping?  The inequality between men and women.

Sarah wants to know how we can create an equal society between men and women if we can’t even live equally as spouses?

The book takes place over the week Sarah is away, as she considers her decisions in life, and ponders the many facets of feminism, being a working mother, and how women’s roles have changed from generation to generation.

I consider myself a feminist and I related strongly to Sarah. Her passion and sadness over gender inequality spoke to me and felt really relevant for the current time we live (and love) in.

I feel this should be recommended reading for any woman who wants to fight for equality, who is thinking of getting married, or simply wants a good read that pulls you in and feels quite personal.  



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