Writing Prompts for Short Stories

If you’re in the mood to begin a new short story, here are 10 short story ideas to kick-start some creativity!


I’ve intentionally kept these short and vague so you can take these and run with them.  Feel free to combine or tweak these if you need to – be experimental to create the best short story you can.


1 – Tell the story of a scar (whether a physical scar or an emotional one)

2 – Your character discovers a dead body or witnesses a death

3 – Your character is orphaned

4 – Your character discovers a ghost

5 – Your character’s relationship ends



6 – Your character’s deepest fear is holding his or her relationship or career back

7 – A character living in poverty comes into an unexpected fortune

8 – A character unexpectedly and LITERALLY bumps into his or her soulmate

9 – Your character is on a journey – however, they are interrupted by a natural disaster or an accident

10 – Your character runs into the path of a monster

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