Writing Prompts – Something’s Strange

Having something odd happen is always a great way to hook your readers’ interest as well as making writing the story interesting for you!

Below are a few writing prompts in which something strange or odd happens and you can take the story from there.

Be sure to post your story in the comments so we can enjoy!


Write a story about someone who starts noticing the same object or phrase wherever they go.

Start your story with someone discovering a photograph that has something written on the back.

Write a story where a character runs into someone they’ve seen in their dreams, or enters a building they’ve dreamt about before.

An apparent coincidence occurs. Write a story about a character who suspects paranormal, spiritual, or criminal causes.

Write a story that involves a reflection in a mirror.

Write about a group of strangers — or people who know each other, but may as well be strangers — eating together.

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