“I’ll never buy an eReader.  I must have a physical book.”

“eBooks are better for the environment.  No one should buy print books anymore.”

“You don’t get the satisfaction of turning the page with an eBook.”

“When I finish an eBook, I can instantly download another.  No waiting!”

I’ve heard ALL the arguments for and against each side of this debate, and honestly, I’m caught in the middle.

I love my collection of physical books.  Between my husband and I, we own approximately 1,500 physical books (they’re everywhere in my house).  But, I also enjoy my Barnes & Noble Nook and my Amazon Fire.  I have eBooks on both of those devices!

Both arguments share valid points, and I agree – eBooks are more convenient for travel, print books have a better “feel”when reading – but I can’t really say I prefer one over the other.

I’m a fan of both!

Print Is Dying?Writing Life

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