It’s time to play THE NAME GAME!

In this game, I’m going to list the main characters from a book in the style of this T-shirt worn by Antoni Porowski, and you’re going to give me the book’s title. (You can click on the book’s title to purchase it!)

For example, Antoni’s shirt says “Jude and JB and Willem and Malcolm”, so you would answer…

A Little Life


READY?  Here we go….


Clue #1: Elio and Oliver and Vimini and Marzia

Clue #2: Jo and Meg and Beth and Amy

Clue #3: Youngman and Pete and Flip and fat man and skinny man and Lance and Randy and Jeremy

Clue #4: Offred and Serena Joy and The Commander and Moira

Clue #5: David and Johnny and Freddie and Evert









Answer #1: Call Me By Your Name

Answer #2: Little Women

Answer #3: City Of Night

Answer #4: The Handmaid’s Tale

Answer #5: The Sparsholt Affair

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