Book Review: Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

As a long-time fan of the My Favorite Murder podcast, I really couldn’t wait to read this book.  I thought it would be as witty and semi-morbid as the podcast, but it was so much more.

The vulnerability and openness within these stories is nothing short of amazing.  You really feel let in by these women and you understand why they do this podcast and why they care so much about victims, the victim’s families and loved ones, and women’s safety in general.  They are amazing people who deserve the fame and notoriety they’ve gained from their podcast.

If you’re a fan of the podcast, you’ve probably already read this book – but if you’re a fan of true crime give the podcast a try and purchase your copy of Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered here.

Back Cover Copy of Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered:

Sharing never-before-heard stories ranging from their struggles with depression, eating disorders, and addiction, Karen and Georgia irreverently recount their biggest mistakes and deepest fears, reflecting on the formative life events that shaped them into two of the most followed voices in the nation.

In Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered, Karen and Georgia focus on the importance of self-advocating and valuing personal safety over being ‘nice’ or ‘helpful.’ They delve into their own pasts, true crime stories, and beyond to discuss meaningful cultural and societal issues with fierce empathy and unapologetic frankness.

About Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark:

Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark met at a Halloween party in 2014 where Kilgariff was describing a brutal accident she had witnessed: a drunk driver plowing into a crowd of people at the media conference and festival SXSW.  Hardstark approached Kilgariff with interest and the two talked all night about various murders throughout history.  The friendship blossomed and in January 2016, they released their first episode of the My Favorite Murder podcast, which quickly hit #1 on the iTunes chart.  

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