10 New Writing Prompts To Stretch Your Writing

As all us writers know, sometimes it can be hard to think of what to write, so we put together a list of 10 new writing prompts to give you some fresh ideas and stretch those writing muscles!

Set a timer for 15 minutes and pick one of the following prompts to write about:

1. The last words of your novel are, “As night became day, he started to understand the truth.” Now, go write the rest.

2. Turn one of the last texts you sent into a story.

3. Add an original scene to the last movie you watched.

4. Outside the window, you see something you can’t believe.

5. Write about a time you were lost – literally or metaphorically.

6. Write about why you write.

7. You have $300 and a Prius, describe the 2,800 mile road trip from NYC to LA.

8. A conversation you and a stranger have on a plane.

9. Describe the life of your favorite singer.

10. You’re in a foreign country and don’t speak the native language.

Good luck! Don’t stop writing!

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