Marketing Help: How To Get Reviews

One of the best ways to market your self-published novel is to get it reviewed on multiple platforms.

And one of the quickest ways to get reviews for your book is to approach reviewers of any books within your genre with a free copy and a polite request.

For Amazon-specific reviews, simply look up Amazon’s top reviewers and shortlist the ones who have reviewed books from your genre.  It really is that easy!

While Amazon does not support reviews for pre-ordered books, if you have released a paperback version of your book and linked it to your unreleased ebook, any reviews posted for the paperback will copy over to your ebook. This way, your book will be ready with social proof right from the day it is launched.

You can also promote your pre-release book among Goodread’s network of over 65 million members through a featured giveaway.  Goodreads allows reviews to be posted for pre-release books. Take note that even though Amazon owns Goodreads, reviews posted on one site cannot be migrated to the other.

As a rule of thumb, contact four times as many reviewers as the number of reviews you are aiming for. Follow up at least once, preferably a week or two after your first email.

You should also approach influential book bloggers, popular authors in your genre, and newspapers for editorial reviews.

If you’ve had success getting reviews in another way, please comment below!

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