So we’ve taken the names of some famous novels and anagrammed each of them into a new phrase.  And to help you out, we’ll use that phrase in a sentence that helps clue the original title.

For instance, if the clue is “A tart by the eggs”. (As in, the title character has an affair with a tart by the eggs. East and West Egg, that is.)

The answer would be The Great Gatsby.



CLUE #1:  A nerd dripped juice. As in, a nerd dripped juice all over this book because he was so excited to be reading Jane Austen.


CLUE #2: Loner Gig. As in, being married to the title character turns out to be a loner gig for Nick Dunne.


CLUE #3: Oven stain. As in, Bigger Thomas leaves a bloody oven stain when he burns a murder victim’s body in the basement.


CLUE #4:  (For this one I am giving you two anagrams for the same novel) Sensualist heroes and Earth’s lousiness. As in, in this Hemingway book, sensualist heroes spend their time in France and Spain bemoaning the earth’s lousiness.


CLUE #5:  Elites thought oh. As in, there was a mixed reaction to this Virginia Woolf masterpiece. The common people loved it, but the elites thought, oh.


CLUE #6: Fetching hold. As in, this Donna Tartt novel has a fetching hold on its avid readers.






ANSWER #1: Pride And Prejudice

ANSWER #2: Gone Girl

ANSWER #3: Native Son

ANSWER #4: The Sun Also Rises

ANSWER: #5: To The Lighthouse

ANSWER #6: The Goldfinch


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