Marketing: Building Relationships and Engaging Your Audience

Two parts of marketing your self-published book are so important and work together so well, that I’ve put them in their own blog post.

Building relationships before you need them and engaging your audience (no matter how big or small) will only help when it comes time to host a book signing, interview, or other public event where you’re selling your book.

Build Relationships Before You Need Them

Start working on your book launch at least six months in advance, because that’s the minimum amount of time you need to build relationships.

Get under the radar of influencers by supporting them. If you have your own platform, like a podcast or blog, interview them and give them exposure. Sign up for their programs and be one of their success stories.

When the time comes, send influencers copies of your book, and ask for an endorsement and/or a review. If they like the book enough, they may even promote it to their audiences.

Engage Your Audience

Begin drumming up interest in your book by engaging your audience throughout its development. Hint that you’re up to something. Ask for their inputs on the cover design. Tease them with excerpts.  You’ll also want to keep building your audience through blog tours, interviews, and media exposure.
Even small steps in doing this will show returns when it’s time to publish!

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