Marketing Tip: Write Multiple Books!

Your book may be great, but you can compound that greatness by writing more books, preferably in a series.  Publishing another book is great for brand building. In fact, it’s much harder to market just one book unless it is a ground-breaking phenomenal masterpiece.

With every new book you put out there, you increase the chances of your work getting recognized by influencers and people online who are hanging out in all the places you can target for promotion and sharing.

Next tip:  Make Your First Book Free

Indie authors generally hate the term “free” or “loss leader” but these are proven book marketing tactics that really work.

If you can’t wrap your mind around making it free, make it $.99 or discount the pricing regularly, like monthly, and be sure you’re doing promotions or ads around the price drop to pull in new buyers you’d never normally reach.

Remember, you just need them to like the first one, so make it easy for them to get it!

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