Non-Fiction Writing Prompts About Relationships And Love

Don’t you love to write your thoughts?  Sometime when you’re stuck in your fiction writing, finding a non-fiction prompt and writing until you’re out of words about it can really break down some barriers and show you something about yourself and your writing.

Here are 25 of my favorite about love and relationships (heavy stuff for heavy writing!):

  1.  Tell a story about how you see love.
  2.  Write about what’s most important in a relationship.
  3.  Write about how to enjoy your relationship in every phase of life.
  4.  Write about your idea of a successful relationship.
  5.  Write about what it really takes to have a> successful relationship.
  6.  Write about how your friendships play a part in your relationships.
  7.  Write about how self-doubt can affect your search for love.
  8.  Write about how to love someone else in a way they need.
  9.  Write about how to find what you truly enjoy in a life partner.
  10.  Write about becoming open-minded in your pursuit of love.
  11. Write about the importance of loving yourself before loving someone else.
  12. Write about your journey to find love and what it’s meant for you.
  13. Write about a time you thought you found love but were very wrong.
  14. Write about how finding love has changed the way you care for others.
  15. Write about how to develop healthy and nurturing relationships.
  16. Write about friendships and how they play a role in your happiness.
  17. Write about creating relationships that lift you up and not drag you down.
  18. Write about what it means to truly love unconditionally.
  19. Write about how intimacy can help your self-esteem.
  20. Write about ways in which you can improve your sex life.
  21. Write about ways in which you can improve your romantic relationship.
  22. Write about ways in which you can improve your platonic relationships.
  23. Write about loving yourself and what that fully means.
  24. Write about building strong relationship foundations in a family.
  25. Write about how to communicate in relationships.

Here are a few ideas to push the above prompts a bit further:

  • Never assume every single person loves and wants love the same way
  • Tell personal, real-life stories to build relatability
  • Keep your advice open-ended and always encourage communication

Happy writing!

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