Print is Dying: What Trends Will Book Publishing See During The Pandemic?

Self-publishing has always been a rapidly evolving industry, and those who keep one eye on the future will be best positioned to take advantage of changes.  After reading interviews with industry leaders, talking to my author customers and friends, and conducting some of my own research, here are the biggest publishing trends during the Coronavirus pandemic.

1 – Audiobooks will continue to gain popularity.  With better access to audiobook creation and distribution, we expect to see more audiobooks in the marketplace in later 2020.  More indie authors will be investing in making audiobooks.  So, start learning how audiobooks are made and sold.


2 – More indie authors will collaborate on marketing.  Email swaps and group giveaways have always been popular methods to market indie books, we should see even more indie authors creating relationships to collaborate.  NOTE:  Do your homework and only work with those collaborators who are trustworthy.


3 – Scan services will continue to trend.  Shady characters are attracted to the money market that independent authors create.  Before using a new service, vet them with other authors.


4 – Email lists will increase in value.  If you don’t have a mailing list, you should start one – then continue to nurture it.  Make sure your sign-up form is easy to find and ask subscribers to share with their friends.

….and finally….

5 – The eBook market will continue to grow.  Pew and has shown that younger readers are buying eBooks and reading eBooks as much, if not more, than older readers.  eBook sales and royalties remain the bread and butter of successful authors, so continue to invest in your eBooks.

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