Writing Prompts You’ll FALL For!

Happy Fall Y’all! 

If you’re needing some inspiration for writing in the crisp autumn weather, check out the prompts below.

Take a sentence from the list and freewrite for 5 to 10 minutes to see what creative story comes out of it!


  • You’re walking through the woods and you smell campfire smoke in the air.


  • You wake up to find the first frost of the season on your lawn.


  • You find your grandmother’s old recipe for making your favorite apple-based dessert from your childhood.


  • You start decorating the front door with autumn wreaths, but discover some are missing.


  • While tying your jacket around your waist as the day heats up from the cold morning, you find something interesting in the pocket.


  • You get some fascinating customers while working at a local apple orchard.


  • You get lost in a corn maze and find another dimension.


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