What is the first thing you do when you look up a book on Amazon?

Yep.  That’s right!

You read the BLURB to see if it’s a book you want to read!  You know, that BACK COVER COPY that makes readers want more.  A book blurb is a short promotional piece of about 100–150 words. It appears on the back cover of print books and on online sales pages.

So, if you’re selling your book on Amazon, are you using the very best blurb to entice readers to purchase, read, and review your story?  If not, why not?

To write an effective blurb, begin with a clever opening line that piques the reader’s curiosity and has them reading for more. Follow that up with a hint about your plot and characters (for fiction) or the core concept (for nonfiction), using compelling words such as amazingincrediblemysterious, powerfullife-altering—depending on your book’s genre. The closing should grip your reader. For fiction, you could present a crossroads or turning point in the story; for nonfiction, you could mention who should read the book and why.

If your book has received any editorial reviews, add them to the blurb.

Writing a summary of your novel may seem like telling someone all about your precious child in only 30 seconds.  Seems nearly impossible.  Sometimes it seems overwhelming, and sometimes you just can’t find the best way to write it.I can draft some fantastic back cover copy for your book.  Then you can then use this copy on your website, your social media posts, of course, the back cover, and yes – even your Amazon summary!

It’s literally why I named my company Back Cover Copy Company.  I love to do this!

Take a moment to look at your blurb and ask if it needs “punched up”, “refreshed”, or simply done.  Is it helping to SELL your book??

If you need help with your blurb, shoot me a message and let’s get to work on it.


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