Genre Clarification: Cashier Memoir

Everyone knows that memoirs are a sub-genre of autobiography and have been around for centuries.  However, this week, I found out a small niche sub-genre called ‘Cashier Memoir’!

It’s really just what it sounds like: true-life tales from behind the cash register.

Memoirs have long been a favorite of politicians, sports figures, as well as business and military leaders, so why not get a book recounting bits and pieces of cashier’s professional lives in the form of a memoir?

Journalistic accounts of the working class such as Barbara Ehrenreich’s Nickel and Dimed come immediately to mind and have been bestsellers as of late.

But it’s still early in the development of this sub-genre, and after this year’s economic troubles and COVID epidemic, I suspect there are a good many stories yet to be told.

Best Examples:

Anna Sam’s Checkout Girl

I Hate Stupid People by Rebecca Haddock

Becky Corwin-Adams’ Reminiscing About Retail: Confessions of a Cashier

The Customer is always right? by Ryan C. Shaw


Click on any title to purchase.  Have I left your favorite off this list?  Comment below!

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