Writing Prompts About Politics

No matter if you’re a Democrat, Republican, or an Independent you have opinions that can create some interesting characters and plotlines but only if you put pen to paper.

Be an activist…and by that I mean, an active writer!

Use the prompts below to stretch your fiction or non-fiction writing about politics.

1. What is your political leaning and why? How did you develop this point of view and how do you think it might change over the rest of your lifetime?

2. Who is the politician you most identify with? What is it about his or her policies that make you feel connected to this person? Has this person ever let you down or surprised you with his or her decisions?

3. Detail a political argument between you and a person with the opposite (or a seemingly incompatible) viewpoint to your own. Where would this argument be most likely to happen and what do you think would be the main sticking points? Write it as a dialogue if you wish to get the exact wording in there.

4. Talk about the first time you went to vote. What did you learn about the candidates beforehand and how did you form your opinions about this particular election? What was the lead up to the vote and what happened afterward? Did you feel a sense of accomplishment or dread?

5. Write about a news program that you watch or that you have seen from time to time. What (if any) political leaning does this news show have and how do you identify with it? What are some moments you have agreed with this person and what are some that you have not agreed with at all?

6. Detail a political protest that you have been a part of (or that you might want to be a part of). What are the different sides of the issue and why do you feel so strongly about your own? What happens during the course of this protest?

7. Talk about your experiences on the day of an election that you were extremely interested in. What in particular did you have vested in that election and why was it important to you? Detail the day from beginning until end.

8. Have you ever had politics get in the way of an important relationship you’ve had with a friend or loved one? Talk about how you resolved it or were unable to resolve it. Write a way in which you could have dealt with it if you were unable to.

9. Imagine a world in which you were running for office. What would your platform be and what do you think your best method would be for attempting to get elected?

10.  You have been given the magical ability to remake the world politically in any way you see fit. How would you change every last detail to make sure that the world was headed in the best direction possible?

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