We are going to play a guessing game called SEO Shakespeare.

What you need to do is update the titles of some Shakespearean plays to improve upon their search engine optimization so they get the maximum click-throughs on the Internet.

I will give you the new title. You just tell us which one of Shakespeare’s plays fits best.



A. “Would A Rose By Any Other Words Smell as Sweet? We Asked Three Scientists”

B. “The Try Guys Try Not To Fall In Love”

C. “12 Surprising Ways To Transform Your Bottom”

D. “Imogen’s Brilliant Sleep Hack: Take Some Poison From An Evil Queen”

E. “Incredible Transformation – Watch This Man Go From Betrayed Roman Dictator To A Salad With Anchovies On Top”

F. “The One Snake To Avoid If You’re An Egyptian Monarch”

G. “Quiz – Is The Statue Of Your Murdered Wife Going To Come Back To Life”

H. “Reaction Video – Watch The King’s Conscience Get Caught By This Play Within A Play”

I. “Unrecognizable – You Won’t Believe What Rosalind Looks Like Dressed Up As A Boy Shepherd”

J. “How Many Guys From A Northern Italian Town Are After The Same Woman? The Answer Will Shock You!”

K. “Love Aladdin? You Won’t Believe What Iago Gets Up To In This Play!”

L. “Love The Little Mermaid? You Won’t Believe What Ariel Gets Up To In This Play!”








ANSWER TO A: Romeo & Juliet

ANSWER TO B: Love’s Labour’s Lost

ANSWER TO C: Midsummer Night’s Dream

ANSWER TO D: Cymbeline

ANSWER TO E: Julius Caesar

ANSWER TO F: Anthony and Cleopatra

ANSWER TO G: A Winter’s Tale


ANSWER TO I: As You Like It

ANSWER TO J: Two Gentlemen Of Verona

ANSWER TO K: Othello

ANSWER TO L: The Tempest



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