10 Writing Prompts For Springtime!

Welcome to spring my fellow writers!

Below find 10 prompts that will get you writing about this time of year.

Post your creation in the comments below – we’d love to see what you come up with!

1. It’s the first warm, pleasant day of the Spring season. What kind of activities do you do outside to embrace the day?

2. It’s April and you know what the means: April Showers. Big time! Talk about living through a month of nearly all Spring-time rain.

3. You go on a nature walk date with your significant other. Your partner is an extreme flower lover and goes into all the details of every plant you stumble upon. What is your reaction?

4. Spring cleaning! Create a story in which you have to get rid of a lot of prized memorabilia from your past.

5. You are in a meadow that truly shows the beauty of Spring. There is green everywhere punctuated by other bright colors. You close your eyes and breathe in. What is going through your mind?

6. Describe a spring gardening session. If you don’t know what that would consist of, either look it up or make it up.

7. You go out of your front door and you’re confronted by…bees! A spring hive of bees has formed near your front door. Write the story about you dealing with the hive.

8. You have been invited to a spring-themed potluck dinner. What spring related dish do you bring and why?

9. Time for some spring fruit picking with your family! Describe a time where your family fruit picked. This story can be made up or exaggerated if you wish.

10. Talk about your experiences with Spring sports. This could be connected to Spring Training, field hockey, lacrosse. Really anything Spring and sport-related.

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